Stay up to date with vaccines Stay up to date with vaccines

April 24th to 30th is World Immunization Week.

This year’s slogan “Protected Together, #VaccinesWork” aims to raise awareness about the importance of vaccines in avoiding death from preventable diseases.

Stay on top of immunization rounds, take advantage of vaccine days and keep the following recommendations in mind when getting your child vaccinated:

Bring their vaccination card and schedule important dates.

  • Get information on the vaccine your child is to receive. Ask the pediatrician any questions you may have.
  • Explain to your child what is about to happen. Tell them how important vaccination is and assure them that although it may hurt a bit, it will only last a few seconds.
  • Keep in mind that your child can still be vaccinated if they have a cold, as long as there is no fever.
  • Ensure that a new syringe is used and check the expiration date on the vaccine.
  • Remember that getting a vaccine does not prohibit your child from engaging in everyday activities. In some cases, vaccines may cause fever or mild discomfort; however, these symptoms can be treated at home and are not cause for concern.

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