Staying active, even while working at a desk Staying active, even while working at a desk

When you sit for several hours at work it is hard to also include physical activity. 

However, walking from the bus stop to the office or getting up for a glass of water several times in the day are some ways to keep your body active.

As nutritionist Clara Valderrama explains, “When we talk about physical activity, we are basically talking about movement. At work, this is about keeping the body that has been still for so long, active.”

When you leave your house, try to use the stairs instead of the elevator; if you take a bus or taxi to work, get off two blocks early; try to use public transportation more if you are used to driving your car every day; and find new opportunities throughout the day to be mobile. It is about finding the right pretext to do it.

One alternative is to include active breaks in your workday that allow you to move your hands, stretch your legs and avoid being inactive, which is harmful to your health in excess. (Also read: Ten active breaks to improve your physical performance, article in Spanish).

“This does not mean that a person is going to burn calories or lose weight. In order to meet this objective a person needs to exercise for more than 30 minutes a day. Staying active, however, does activate and prevent other risks or conditions involving your breathing, circulation and health,” the specialist adds. (Related article: Time, the enemy of bad posture).

The recommendation is for people to take a break during their workday to move their body consciously and give themselves a fresh boost of energy.