Staying clear of what others posts in social networking Staying clear of what others posts in social networking

What is behind the negative emotions that occur when seeing others share their happiness on social networks?

Feeling jealous, angry, anxious or sad in response to seeing certain photos or images is not necessarily healthy. Psychologist Juan Diego Tobón explains that it is normal to have these feelings, “However, you have to dig a little deeper, because feeling bad about these things can be evidence of an individual problem; one of damaged self-esteem and self-value, or the inability to close chapters if the publication is about a former partner, or old friend or colleague,” the specialist indicates.

If this issue often affects a person’s self-esteem, there are two solutions: “Close your social networks down temporarily, in order to stop looking at them or seek psychological help, as over time, these emotions can begin to lead to confusing situations,” Tobón adds.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that those same feelings that cause people to post in social networks, can also come from other areas of life, such as work life and hearing about people getting promotions, or buying new cars or new homes. The recommendation is to reflect how much such an event affects you on a daily basis, and respond to this reflection by seeking professional help, talking about the issue or prioritizing your goals to work towards them.

Depression and the use of social networking among youth

In a 2016 study, the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that youth that used social networking most were 2.7 times likely to suffer from depression than those that used only an average amount of it.

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