Staying in hotels in times of Covid-19 Staying in hotels in times of Covid-19

When staying in hotels during the pandemic, the most important thing to keep in mind are measures and precautions to mitigate the spread of the virus. Not only for travelers, but also for hotel staff.

After the uncertainty of confinement during almost five months of complete closure in 2020, the tourism sector has been reactivated. However, some are afraid to travel and stay in a hotel because of the risk of contagion that this represents. That is why the protocols that establishments have adopted in the face of Covid-19 are vital, including those announced by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) , which are still in place:

  • Cleanliness
  • Ensure social distancing
  • Training of all personnel
  • Integration of technologies to enable automation in hotel processes
  • Communication on preventative measures and new protocols.

Some wonder if it is possible to catch the virus from previous guests who stayed in your hotel room. In response to this question, the World Health Organization (WHO) explains that tourist accommodations must have strict protocols for cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation of each of their spaces between the stays. If these processes are followed correctly, it is not necessary to remove the furniture before the arrival of another guest.

Ventilation is essential in preventing the spread of the virus. The WHO suggests that split air conditioning systems or those operating in recirculation mode should not be used. If they must be used, windows should be opened to renew the air frequently.

Is the pool safe?

Pools, saunas, and steam baths can be used with safety guarantees and complying with certain protocols according to each country’s regulations. Some considerations are: maximum capacity needed to ensure social distancing, wearing masks, using single-use towels, and constant disinfection of the surfaces that are touched the most, such as counters, handrails, doorknobs, and handles.

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