Sties without myths Sties without myths

You have maybe suffered this bothering inflammation and you have received large amounts of home advises for getting rid of it. Learn what the sties really are and which are the better ways to treating them.

The Ophthalmology American Academy  defines sty as a protuberance on the eye, small, red and painful, caused by inflammation of the Zeiss or the Moll glands. The first ones segregate an oily substance for the hairy follicle, and the second ones are sweating glands. Most sties correspond to a bacterial infection. Some of them are external, on the base of the lashes; and some others are internal inside the eyelid.

It is important to recognize a sty and distinguish it from the chalazion. This last one is not painful and consists in a bulge that develops more behind the eyelid and is the result of a fat gland obstruction that swells the whole tissue.

Advices to treat them:

–         Wet a clean piece of cloth in hot water, put it on your eyelid 10 to 15 minutes, 3 to 5 times a day. Help your self with a massage, softly, the zone with your clean finger.

–         Only use antibiotics if your ophthalmologist prescribes them.

–         Never push or try to explode sties or chalaziones.

–         Do not use make up or contact lenses while suffering these inflammations.

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