Stimulate your brain Stimulate your brain

Stimulate your brain

WITH YOUR MIND 6 December, 2018 Ana María López de Mesa

The human brain is constantly learning. New experiences, interactions and information keep your neural networks constantly developing.

Because of what is referred to as brain plasticity, the nervous system is able to change and adapt to different environments throughout life. The following video series shows how the human brain functions, how learning occurs and different strategies to stimulate your brain.

  • Do we ever stop learning? Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and change as a result of behavior and experience.

  • How does a child’s brain develop? The brain’s greatest period of development occurs during the first five years of life. Stimulating children’s brains correctly will improve their psychomotor and cognitive development.

  • Playing an instrument is good for your brain: Music is good for your neurons: it keeps your brain working quickly, prevents memory loss and reduces stress.

  • Does traveling stimulate your brain? Getting to know new cultures, people, languages, flavors and terrains stimulates the mind and brain.

  • The benefits of exercise on the brain: Exercising regularly makes the brain work at an optimal capacity, multiplying nerve cells and strengthening neural interconnections.

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