Story of satisfied customers Story of satisfied customers

Story of satisfied customers

CORPORATE 3 August, 2016 Activa Mesa de ayuda

Percy Hummans offers his thanks to Coomeva’s international medical coverage due to the attention his son received in Medellín and in Cali from the moment that he was #diagnosed with leukemia.

Citizens of the Dutch island, Bonaire, are all that Percy Hummans and his son Keenan have (both enrollees) for the international medical coverage provided by Coomeva Private Healthcare is thanks and gratitude.

Keenan was diagnosed four years ago with leukemia, which was why they moved to Medellín, Colombia to be able to make appointments and follow the treatment requirements assigned to the littlest one of the family.

Throughout the duration of one year, the minor child was treated at Pablo Tobón Hospital, where he received all the treatment they needed. Thanks to the father’s donation of spinal fluid and to the bone marrow transplant from a four-year-old sent from the United States, they were able to win this hard battle.

Joint Effort

Together with the specialized medical attention provided by Coomeva Private Healthcare plans and to the medical team at this hospital, the Hummans family was given hope. “I give thanks to God for the attention we received. I always trusted the medical team that we have in Colombia. It is a country that is recognized for having a very good healthcare system, and I knew that in Bonaire, specialized treatment wouldn’t be available,” Percy explains, who works in security on the island’s boarding docks.

After a successful transplant, Keenan recovered quickly and continued receiving medical checkups in Colombia with the professionals at Coomeva Private Healthcare. After this transplant, he received treatment in Cali at the Imbanaco Medical Center where he currently receives medical attention. The good news is that his checkups were performed on a quarterly basis throughout the first three years and today, thanks to his good progress and to having beat this cancer, as of May 2016, “His checkups have been extended from three to six months. He is doing very well now,” his father assures.

A Story to Share

This is the story that these international enrollees tell with great joy and confidence in the excellent experience they had at these two Colombian cities. They emphasize how warm the people are and all the support they were given from Coomeva employees at each visit to our country. They also stress the importance of making appointments and of taking the indicated medications.  

“We choose Coomeva because our insurance is a partner of this private insurance. I have no suggestions to improve upon, in Bonaire we were also asked about the service we received in Colombia and we explained how satisfied we were,” he adds.

Today, Keenan is a healthy and happy kid. He goes to school in Bonaire and travels frequently to the capital city of the Department of el Valle del Cauca; he loves the potato chips there. “In Cali, we received personal and quality attention. Our neighbors of the apartment where we stay know about our situation and take care of us and ask about us. Sometimes I don’t want to go back home,” Percy confesses with laughter •

“I give thanks to God

for the attention we received. The #warmth of the people and the #support of the Coomeva employees are worth recognizing.” – Percy Hummans

* The people in this story and photograph gave their permission for publication with Coomeva.