Stress-related headaches Stress-related headaches

One of the most recurrent and common symptoms of anxiety, a stress headache is the feeling of constant pressure in the head.

People who suffer from this condition describe it as feeling like you have a tight band around your head and a heavy feeling in the top part of the head. According to the webpage MedlinePlus, these symptoms are caused by stress or anxiety. These conditions lead to involuntary tension, making the neck and head muscles overwork themselves. Eventually they become too tired and cause headaches, which can also lead to migraines.

Other symptoms that can serve as signs for people who may be suffering from anxiety include:

  •    Chest pressure
  •    Shortness of breath
  •    Insomnia and sleeping disorders
  •    Fatigue
  •    Restlessness
  •    Feelings of danger or dread
  •    Inability to concentrate

It is important to examine whether you are going through a difficult time in your life, as work or family problems can cause this condition. For proper treatment, see your doctor.

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