Suitable footwear for running Suitable footwear for running

Those who are just starting running normally have less doubts about the technique at the time of running, and about the necessary clothing for practicing this activity.

Is it the same to practice this exercise wearing the t-shirt you usually wear for walking or for walking your pet? Or are all the gadgets we see on many specialized runners, indispensable? The truth is that no miracle products exist that assure the performance and comfort dreamed at the time of running, but a basic information indeed exists that will make those first training routines easier.

The ideal shoes

These are maybe the most important garment for runners. Hundred of models, more specialized each time exist, but not all of them adjust equally well to different people. At this point, it is basic to seek some shoes that adapt to feet arch, as well as to other characteristics of said extremities, because as indicated by the United States National Library of Medicine, “you can have wide or narrow feet, low arches, problematic areas or flat feet”.

In general terms, the most important part for these shoes is to be light, flexible and have a good cushioning and grasping for supporting you at each step, taking into account the type of terrain on which they will be used for. If over asphalt, they will need to be harder, or if over unstable terrain probably you will need thicker and more supportive soles.

Remember that given the high impact this kind of shoes receive at the time of running, and the long distances run over, it will be necessary to change your shoes more frequently than when you wear them as a casual garment. It could be necessary to replace them when you start feeling discomfort or when their soles are worn.

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