Sun protection, a key since childhood Sun protection, a key since childhood

Childhood and adolescence are the stages when solar exposure has a higher influence on premature aging, as well as on skin cancer.

The ultraviolet radiation accumulated during these two first decades of life is determinant. This is why properly caring and protecting child and adolescent skin is so important.

Younger child skin is also even more susceptible, and preventive measures should be intensified. In addition to using a solar protector suitable for their age, we recommend to protect them with hats, clothing covering their extremities, eye glasses, among other useful elements, not only in sunny days but also in cloudy days, when solar rays equally impact.

According to information from the USA National Library of Medicine, it is recommendable to avoid sun exposure during the central hours of the day, this is, between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., when UV rays are stronger. A key to take into account is that as higher the altitude is, more quickly the skin burns, and remember to avoid staying on surfaces reflecting light, such as water, sand, concrete and snow.

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