Know the symptoms of dehydration Know the symptoms of dehydration

Know the symptoms of dehydration

Before 7 June, 2017 Ana María López de Mesa

Headaches, fatigue and cramping are the first signs of dehydration caused by exposure to excessive heat. 

When temperatures rise, it is important to take extra precautions to correctly prevent and manage your body’s symptoms.

A study published in Scientific American explains that the first signs that a person is having problems regulating their temperature include a rash and cramping, as well as headache and fatigue. According to the website Medline Plus, warning signs of severe dehydration include confusion, dizziness or light-headedness, a rapid heartbeat and accelerated breathing.

Symptoms should be treated as soon as possible because if they are not, they can lead to what is known as heat stroke. The best way to treat symptoms is to stay hydrated by drinking enough liquids that ideally do not contain sugar or caffeine; sports drinks that contain electrolytes are the most effective. It is also crucial to avoid the prolonged exposure to the sun and to stay in the shade when symptoms appear. With severe dehydration, medical attention may be required.

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