Take a break from technology Take a break from technology

While the internet can be a source of entertainment in your free time, disconnecting from it is good for both your mind and body.

Perhaps some of your vacation plans include finishing that wish list of TV shows and movies to watch or getting up to date on your social networks; however, taking a break from technology – a difficult thing to do in a hyper-connected world – is also important to change your routine and get recharged.

As the EFE Salud news agency states, in a study by the organization Common Sense, 50% of teens in the U.S. are addicted to their phones. According to specialists, this means that they lose control of the use of their devices and the internet.

This is why the world has started to see a growing trend in digital detox retreats and camps where people have no access to technology and instead are encouraged to engage in other types of activities such as yoga, meditating, reading, rock climbing, camping, hiking, photography, painting and different types of board games. Try doing these alternatives with your loved ones to spend time together and get disconnected at the same time.

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