Take care of your feet to improve your health Take care of your feet to improve your health

Each step we take involves an operation of a complex network of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

In addition to all the weight they hold, this explains why the feet can have problems. To keep them healthy, consider the following recommendations:

  • Get your feet examined on a regular basis
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Wash them daily with soap and warm water
  • Cut your nails straight from one side to another and not too short

A person takes an average of 4,200 steps a day. Over time, this repetitive movement can lead to normal changes associated with aging such as the foot widening and getting longer, the arch of the feet settling slightly causing the feet to flatten, the fatty cushion towards the back of the heel can shrink and there may be some loss of balance when walking.

Keep in mind that the health of a person’s feet can be a sign of their overall health. For example, joint stiffness can be a sign of arthritis, tingling or numbness can be a sign of diabetes, and swelling can be a sign of kidney disease, heart disease or high blood pressure.

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