Taking breaks and balancing tasks, key during this time Taking breaks and balancing tasks, key during this time

With healthy practices, it is possible to clear your mind and avoid compromising your mental health if you are heavily exposed to the media.  

The responsibility of informing or staying informed can be an arduous task in times where concerns and fears are at the forefront, which is why the constant flow of information can be a burden with consequences for mental health.  

With this in mind, Roche pharmaceuticals in association with the Gabo Foundation, prescribed a series of preventative measures for those who find themselves in constant contact with sources of information about health issues and mitigating the impact this can cause. According to Yahira Guzmán Sabogal, specialist in Psychiatry and director of the research group for psychiatry in mental health at La Sabana University, “you should never lose sight of priorities in life: keep in mind just how far to go and when to stop and breathe.” 

According to American journalist Bruce Shapiro, author of the article Handling stress and trauma in research projects, there are some alarm signs that can indicate an emotional imbalance such as changes in personality, irritability or explosive anger that is triggered for no apparent reason, unusual isolation, or the feeling that life has lost meaning. 

To improve this, specialist Guzmán Sabogal provides a list of recommendations for protecting your mental health: 

 – Have effective virtual meetings, maximum one hour.

– Maintain a healthy lifestyle where there is a balance with other facets of life: such as sports, fun activities, handling frustration, and respect for meal and rest times. 

– Be able to notice your own defects, which will help with good communication and when sharing your home with someone.

– Speak with others about what you are doing day to day. The information you are receiving that could be traumatic, express the feelings it causes.

– Validate the normality of having negative feelings. Take some time to understand that it is normal to have a bad day and that not everything has to be perfect.

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