Taking care of ankle injuries at home Taking care of ankle injuries at home

Sprains and fractures are some of the most common ankle problems.

Ligaments that connect bones together help stabilize and provide support to the joint and to the muscles and tendons that move it. A sprain or strain is a ligament injury.

While sprains can take weeks to several months to heal completely, a fracture is a broken bone. Other parts of the body can also be injured such as the tendons (which connect the muscles to the bone) and cartilage (which cushion the joints from bumps and impacts). These types of diagnoses are common sports injuries.

As the MedlinePlus webpage indicates, caring for these types of injuries at home depends on the cause and the type of treatment or surgery the patient has received. Some at-home treatment indications may include:

  •     Rest the ankle for a few days. Avoid putting too much weight on it.
  •     Wear a bandage. You can also buy an orthopedic device for support.
  •     Use crutches or a cane to take the weight off of an unstable ankle.
  •     Keep the foot elevated above the heart. When seated or sleeping, put two pillows under the ankle.
  •     Immediately apply ice on the affected area. Apply ice for 10 to 15 minutes every hour during the first day, then every 3 to 4 hours for the following two days.

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