Taking timely care of a fainting Taking timely care of a fainting

Also called syncope, it occurs when the brain doesn’t receive sufficient oxygen and a blackout of consciousness occurs during a short time.

Likewise, a sensation of dizziness and weakness could be felt, as well as sweating and nauseas. The web site Familydoctor of the American Academy of Family Doctors in the United States of America, recommends the individual should be maintained laying down during a period of time and not try to stand up quickly, but very slowly after such an episode. It is also important to watch his/her vital signs and try to be calm.

Consulting is advisable

When dealing with someone who has heart problems, diabetes or is pregnant. Other symptoms as irregular heart beating, chest pain, lack of air, confusion and talking problems and blurred vision, are alerts for seeking medical assistance. The same can be said if an individual faint more than once a month.

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