Tear-free vaccines Tear-free vaccines

For children, appointments with pediatricians are often associated with shots and vaccines, causing them fear and stress.

 As a parent, taking children to get a shot or vaccine can be challenging. The American Academy of Pediatrics website offers some recommendations in order to avoid as much discomfort as possible.

  • Above all, try to be supportive, honest and make sure they know that this is for their well-being.
  • With younger children, try using strategies to distract them such as blowing bubbles or playing games with anesthetic creams or sprays to lower their stress levels.
  • For babies who are nursing, this can also be a way to offer them pain relief and calm them down, as well as using a pacifier.

Keep in mind

Generally, vaccines have complex proteins and sugars that can easily be digested, which is why they must be injected into the skin or the muscle so that they can have the greatest contact with the immune system.

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