Technology without age limits, bringing the elderly closer Technology without age limits, bringing the elderly closer

This opportunity to connect helps them to have new interests and stay in touch with their loved ones.  

An article by the WHO states that technology plays a part in the physical health, independence, and safety of the elderly. For example, the internet makes it easier to be in contact with their friends and family in other ways. Also, some technologies, applications, and web content are useful for cultivating different interests and following health, diet, and exercise programs.

The  Senior Information Center website offers advice for teaching the elderly about technology and how to use electronic devices.

  • Patience is the first key.  It is important to understand that elderly adults were not born in a digital world, and this is completely foreign to them.
  • Start with the basics. Teach them what they really need to know, and avoid overwhelming them with information. Just be available when they ask to learn new things.
  • Start with what they know. Look for a way to teach them that fits in with the way they usually learn how to do things.
  • Use notes. Writing down the instructions, even with pictures, can be useful.
  • Simplify the options. Adjust the phone’s home screen, the size of the text, lighting, the desktop on the computer and other aspects to be more user friendly.
  • Repeat the instructions as many times as they need until they have mastered it. Concentrate on what is causing them the most difficulty. Do not make fun of them, and answer each question as if it were logical, even if it is not.

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