The accompaniment of your partner is fundamental during childbirth The accompaniment of your partner is fundamental during childbirth

A father performs an important role during the gestation process. With the following actions, he can contribute to a healthy pregnancy:

  1. Invite your wife to maintain a balanced diet during pregnancy. Eat healthy foods together and be active during the day.
  2. Tell your wife to talk with a health professional about her health conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, for her to receive the necessary treatment.
  3. Help your wife to keep away from infections. Assure that you both receive vaccines against diseases such as influenza and pertussis. If any of you suffer from any sex transmission disease (STD), take the necessary tests for receiving a suitable treatment.
  4. Use a reliable contra conceptive between pregnancies. It is advisable to wait at least 18 months between a childbirth and a new gestation condition.
  5. Encourage your wife to reduce stress. Let her talk about how she is feeling, cooperate with housekeeping chores and try to give her some time for herself. If she is concerned about her work, advise her to talk with her boss. If she needs more support, tell her that she can talk with a specialist.

Contractions that make woman’s belly to strongly harden each 10 minutes or more frequently, color change in her vaginal flow or vagina bleeding, sensation that the baby is pushing down, pain on low back, cholic or diarrhea are some of the symptoms that can alert about a premature childbirth.

Source: March of Dimes Foundation

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