The benefits of deep breathing The benefits of deep breathing

In addition to being a natural human function, breathing is also a motor function, which include actions such as vocalization and emotional expression.

According to scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine, conscious breathing influences people’s behavior, thoughts and health. Published in the journal Science, their study explains that deep breathing has the ability to decrease sensitivity to pain, and manage anxiety, anger and irritability.

This is due to a link between breathing and brain activity, “This means that if we can slow down our breathing (slow breathing), either through deep or slow and controlled breathing, our neurons will not activate the excitement center of the brain and will not overstimulate the brain,” explains Dr. Mark A. Krasnow, one of the participants in the study.

The key to achieving the desired effect of slow breathing is to practice the following: close your mouth, inhale through your nose and count to four. Afterwards, hold the air in your abdomen for a couple of seconds and exhale slowly through your nose. Repeat three times.

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