The benefits of riding a bike The benefits of riding a bike

The benefits of riding a bike

Armony in health 21 February, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

Bike riding is currently gaining increasing, international visibility.

For some, biking is part of a lifestyle, for others it is an exercise that helps people stay in shape or it is taken as a serious, goal-oriented sport.

Whatever one’s objective may be, biking greatly benefits personal health, society and the environment.

With the right discipline, frequency and conditions for optimal performance, this activity is one of the most complete exercises for improving both one’s fitness as well as ones mental and physical health.

The following are the main benefits of this exercise, as suggested by sports medicine doctor, Iván Leonardo Duque:

● Improves the general functioning of the body, specifically its muscular, cardiac and respiratory systems.
● Improves oxygenation to the cells
● Strengthens muscles and strengthens the integrity of bones and joints
● Reduces body fat and increases muscle mass
● Increases the production of endorphins, which benefit the perception we have of our own wellbeing
● Reduces levels of psychological stress