The benefits of youth sports on psychomotor development The benefits of youth sports on psychomotor development

In addition to developing values such as respect and teamwork, certain sports can help stimulate children’s psychomotor development. Find out what they are.

Engaging children in the world of sports from a young age is an important part of them incorporating regular exercise as a part of their lifestyle. The University of Murcia in Spain recommends the following sports for children:

  • Swimming: This sport is recommended by pediatricians and doctors as it requires children to use all of their muscles while they learn to control their breathing and gain strength.
  • Soccer: This teaches children to work as a team, respect rules and develop a sense of belonging to a team.
  • Basketball: In addition to teamwork, basketball develops children’s agility, concentration and balance.
  • Judo: Martial arts can help children get to know their bodies, their limitations and their emotions. They also help children develop respect for their peers as well as foster solidarity, camaraderie and education. These sports improve children’s self-control, speed and flexibility.

 Keep in mind Psychomotricity refers to the nervous system’s ability to contract a muscle properly. It is important to develop this ability as best as possible at a young age.

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