The causes of dizzy spells The causes of dizzy spells

The causes of dizzy spells

Armony in health 4 September, 2018 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

Experiencing occasional dizziness is not necessarily related to a significant disease as it can occur as a result of a drop in blood sugar or blood pressure. In order to determine if dizzy spells are a problem, however, it is important to detect how often they occur.

According to the Colombian Association of General Medicine dizziness occurs when the brain does not get enough blood. While this can be caused by different reasons, how it feels is still the same:

  •       Weakness
  •       A distorted perception of things
  •       Inability to coordinate or act coherently and quickly
  •       Lack of balance
  •       A foggy head

When you feel dizzy, the recommendation is to sit down in order to prevent falling if the condition worsens and you lose consciousness.

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