The different causes of breast pain in women The different causes of breast pain in women

Any level of this type of pain is uncomfortable to women; it can come and go each month, or last for weeks or even months.

As the American Academy of Family Physicians explains, women of all ages report experiencing this condition, also referred to as mastalgia.

Breast pain can be caused by many different factors, some of which are attributed to fluid retention, breast lesions, pregnancy, breastfeeding, infections, surgical biopsies, breast reductions or mastectomies (the removal of the breasts as a preventive measure or cancer treatment). The most common cause of this pain, however, is hormonal changes. In such cases, the recommendation is to change your bra, reduce your caffeine and salt intake, take over-the-counter medications, or take vitamin E or vitamin B6. In most cases, this symptom disappears by itself after a few months.

Keep in mind

. The level of estrogen that comes from different birth control methods is likely to cause breast tenderness.

. This pain can also occur before and after menopause; however, it is much more common among women of reproductive age.

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