The effect of alcohol on the brain’s stem cells The effect of alcohol on the brain’s stem cells

The effect of alcohol on the brain’s stem cells

Prevention 26 November, 2017 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

The excess consumption of alcohol over time kills the brain’s stem cells, which play a key role in proper cognitive functioning.

This conclusion was a finding of the research conducted by scientists at the Texas A&M University at Galveston in the United States. In experiments with mice, experts discovered that alcohol had a negative impact on neural stem cells and affected cell survival. They also noticed its impact was different on women versus men.

“The discovery provides a new way of approaching the problem of alcohol-related changes in the brain. However, before the new approaches can be developed, we need to understand how alcohol impacts the brain stem cells at different stages in their growth, in different brain regions and in the brains of both males and females,” explains Ping Wu, senior researcher of the study published in the journal Stem Cell Reports.

The scientists also observed that chronic alcohol use can kill the majority of neural stem cells, as after long periods of alcohol exposure, and as a whole, stem cells were reduced significantly in all areas. You may be interested: For a moderate consumption of alcohol.

Keep in mind: The human body contains hundreds of different types of cells that are important for our everyday life. These are responsible for keeping the body functioning.