The goal to lose weight and sticking to it The goal to lose weight and sticking to it

Losing weight involves changing both your eating and thinking habits. Here are a few strategies to achieving weight loss successfully.

  •   Learn to deal with cravings and the need to eat more than necessary, too fast or to break the habit of snacking between meals for no reason.
  •   Develop new habits about what foods you choose, what portions to eat and where and when to eat.
  •   Pay attention to what you eat so you can enjoy the moment and identify when you are full.
  •   Develop new thought patterns that encourage you to keep trying.
  •   Adopt a daily routine that will help you include time to exercise.

Keep in mind that everyone’s bodies are different, which is why certain diets may not work for some people. Seeing a nutritionist is therefore recommended in order to receive the right treatment that is specific to your individual characteristics. In certain cases, a psychologist or therapist may even help you to understand your own needs and achieve the goal you are working towards.

Keeping your goal in mind

Recognizing the emotions that can trigger binge eating or emotional eating and dealing with them in a healthy way helps identify the things that make it difficult to follow a diet and to devise ways to overcome or deal with these obstacles.

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