The health hazards of constant noise The health hazards of constant noise

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), while loud noises directly affect our hearing health, they can also cause other types of disorders.

Along with noisy leisure activities such as concerts or nightclubs, the constant noise of traffic is the main cause of over 80% of noise pollution in cities.

According to the Audiology Commission of the Spanish Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Neck and Head Surgery (SEORL CCC for its Spanish acronym) these types of sounds do not only affect your hearing, they can also affect your overall health.

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The following are some problems caused by loud noises:

  •       Affects sleep cycles. Prevents people from getting solid or replenishing sleep. Also causes insomnia, which is related to low performance of daily activities and a low level of alertness (leading to accidents).
  •       Difficulty learning. Reduces your attention span, motivation, concentration and memory.
  •       Diabetes. According to the Noise and Health Report (in Spanish) “The 0.5 dB increase in noise due to evening traffic is related to a 4% increase in mortality due to diabetes.”
  •  Mortality and/or low birthweight. According to the same study, noise is associated with higher chances of mortality, low birthweight (6%) and premature births (3.2%).