The hidden danger of toys and the auditory system The hidden danger of toys and the auditory system

According to experts from the University of California, Irvine, some toys can cause irreversible damage to the auditory system.

“If you’re a parent, you’ve probably become so accustomed to the noise level of your kids’ favorite toys…However, many can damage a child’s hearing if not used properly,” states Hamid Djalilian, otolaryngologist at the UC Irvine Medical Center.

Each year, this medical center performs a series of tests on dozens of toys to assess how safe they are. The toys that were tested this year showed some cases where the maximum volume level reached peaks of 125-decibels, higher than a jet plane when it takes off when heard from a reasonable distance.

According to figures from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, each year in the United States, emergency rooms treat 250,000 children as a result of toy-related injuries. Nearly half of these injuries occurred to the head and face, including the eyes.

Dr. Djalilian therefore suggests that parents test toys by placing them as close to their ears as they can, in order to determine if they are too loud.

Source: EFE