The importance of caring for your scalp The importance of caring for your scalp

This is a vital part of your body that requires skin care just like the rest of your skin.

As we know, our skin is our largest organ and when it becomes irritated, inflamed or cannot breathe, it can experience conditions that need immediate treatment. The same happens with our scalp. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, dandruff (flaking of the skin) and seborrheic dermatitis (an inflammatory skin condition) are the most common conditions of the scalp.

Keep the following recommendations in mind to have a healthy scalp:

  • The purpose of washing your hair is to remove oil and sweat. However, this can also be done to improve its appearance. Washing your hair every day with the products that are right for your scalp type is not a problem. The idea that constant hair washing causes excessive hair loss is a myth.
  • If you have very greasy hair, alternate the shampoo you use regularly with one that helps control grease. This helps reduce a build-up of residue on the scalp.
  • If you are using a hair treatment, let it set for at least five minutes before rinsing. With regular shampoos, rinse immediately.
  • Letting your hair stay wet for too long can damage your cell membranes. After washing, allow your hair to dry in the wind or sun, or opt for a hairdryer, but keep it at a 6-inch distance from your scalp.
  •        Keep in mind that a poor diet, stress and hormonal changes can affect your scalp.

According to the  U.S National Library of Medicine, “Flaking and dryness can be treated with over-the-counter dandruff or medicated shampoos…Look for a product that says on the label it treats seborrheic dermatitis. Such products contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, coal tar, zinc, resorcin, ketoconazole, or selenium sulfide. Use the shampoo according to label instructions.” If the condition worsens, see your dermatologist.

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