The importance of Collagen The importance of Collagen

This protein, found in the body, is fundamental in tissue formation.

 Medical advisor: Elízabeth Aluma – Pharmaceutical chemist

Collagen is commonly known for its widespread use in cosmetic and skincare products. However, while it is a protein that helps maintain our complexion, nails, and hair, it is found in almost a third of our bodies and contributes to motor functions as well as bone and joint cartilage strength.

Pharmaceutical chemist Elízabeth Aluma explains that collagen benefits tissue, stimulates elasticity, and intervenes in cerebral oxygenation, which impacts memory and counteracts the feeling of tiredness. Also, for premenopausal women, it also prevents vaginal dryness.

Some foods are natural sources of collagen, such as eggs, meat proteins, and milk. Also, you have to keep in mind that with time, the levels of collagen in our bodies decrease. “People assume that after a certain age (30 to 40 years old) collagen starts to decrease. But actually, by the time you are 30 or 40 years old, you already have joint issues”, comments Elízabeth Aluma. She also states that this protein starts to decrease by age 20, but in a lesser proportion.

Specifically, Aluma mentions the case of high-performance athletes, who usually have more joint wear along with other needs, despite having a balanced diet.

In this case, “the idea of consuming collagen is to avoid illnesses in the future, such as tendinitis or arthrosis”, she states. The pharmaceutical chemist clarifies that you should have a prescription when taking supplements, and you should choose a product that, if sweetened, is sweetened with natural sugar (stevia). “Collagen supplements are recommended at night, when the body is resting, in order to be more effective. The same thing happens with hydrolyzed collagen (in particles), as it goes directly to the blood stream”, comments Aluma.

 Close to a third of the human body is collagen.