The importance of exercising our muscles The importance of exercising our muscles

The importance of exercising our muscles

Armony in health 27 May, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

While cardiovascular exercise is very important for our health, little is known about the benefits and need of all age groups to do regular muscle strength exercises.

A specialist in applied medicine for physical activity and sports at the University of Antioquia, Dr. Eliana Arcila, goes into detail about this matter. She explains that in childhood, we need muscle strength to control our posture and have a healthy metabolism; while in adulthood, we need it to be healthy when we age as well as prevent or reverse sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass), brittleness and falls, which can often lead to several complications.

“Not all individuals have the time or interest to go to a workout facility. There are muscle strengthening routines, however, that can be done at home using items such as chairs, resistance bands and exercise balls as well as one’s own bodyweight,” Dr. Arcila explains.

Our doctor recommends that muscle strength work should be done at least three times a week for 20 minutes to get the benefits of proper training. Progress depends on the objectives and tolerance levels of each person, which is why it is suggested to see a physician that specializes in physical activity and sports to receive an evaluation and be assigned exercise that is personalized.

Skeletal muscle is involved in our movement, posture and is responsible for releasing important substances that contribute to regulating our metabolism.