The importance of strengthening the body’s immune system The importance of strengthening the body’s immune system

Staying hydrated, leading a balanced diet and having good sleep hygiene are healthy practices that help improve the body’s defenses.

A healthy immune system has the power and strength, and is prepared to fight external pathogens as well as stop almost any infectious disease.

According to studies from the Journal of Applied Physiology, a nutritious diet, healthy sleep patterns and keeping stress under control are fundamental to our defense systems being able to act properly on the body.

A few recommendations:

Get the right calories to fight illness. The body needs calories to produce antibodies, and to be strong enough to fight germs. If you are trying to lose weight, it is important to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and nuts. A varied diet is important.

Get enough sleep. This is an imperative for the body. If you are feeling tired at times when you are engaged in activity, this may be an indicator that your ability to fight off illness is low.

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Stress may lower your immune system. When the production of adrenaline and cortisol increases, the body reacts by reducing its leucocytes (white blood cells), the cells that defend the body from potential infection. This increases the risk of catching an illness.

The study emphasizes that to fight stress, it is important to do activities you enjoy, which can include anything from hobbies to practicing relaxation techniques. This reduces stress and cortisol levels.