The importance of using sun block The importance of using sun block

The Main Recommendation from Skin Care Experts: USE IT

UVA and UVB rays are the two types of ultraviolet radiation that cause damage to the skin and increase risk of cancer in this organ, the largest one in the human body. The Skin Cancer Foundation defines sun blocks as agents that help prevent ultraviolet rays (UV) from reaching the skin. Following is an approach to this product:

  • The Sun Protection Factor, SPF measures the capacity of a sun block to avoid the UVB rays of the sun from damaging the skin. Generally, a 15 SFP or more perform a good preventive job.
  • Skin without protection and exposed to the sun can take 20 minutes to redden.
  • As of six months of age people should use solar filter on a permanent daily basis
  • For correct absorption of the ingredients in the skin, one must apply the sun block thirty (30) minutes before exposure to the sun.
  • Sun blocks are designed to last up to three years. Nevertheless, check the expiry date on the package. If you observe changes in color or consistency of the product discard it and consult with the doctor.
  • With respect to the type of sun protection you need to use the answer depends on the type of skin and the amount of exposure to the rays of the sun.

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