The mental health benefits of telecommuting The mental health benefits of telecommuting

According to psychologist Juan Diego Tobón, the benefits of working from home can be seen from two perspectives: individual and social. 

“Telecommuting helps people strengthen the ties with those they live with, it also allows people to interact with their friends and acquaintances, gives them the opportunity to get out of the house when they want to and contributes to the feeling of wellbeing a person experiences when they are not confined to an office,” Tobón explains.

Tobón also cautions that this alternative is not for everyone, as some people need to have contact with others all the time.

Published in 2012 by the Basque Harassment Protection Association, the study, La salud mental de las y los teletrabajadores (The Mental Health of Telecommuters), states, “With this type of work, a strong sense of self-discipline and motivation is needed for tasks to be accomplished, as well as a clear understanding of one’s job duties. This will not always be the case, however. If someone does not have the willpower or is insecure, that person can be easily overwhelmed by these situations where there is not as much social support, there is no legal support for any conflicts that may arise, the boundaries between a person’s workspace and the rest of the house are not clear, and where companies may feel an underlying sense of alienation with employees due to distance and isolation.”

According to Tobón, however, telecommuting is a positive thing for the time management of employees, as it can allow employees to spend more time on their hobbies and personal responsibilities. It also helps reduce the carbon print as a result of employees not needing to commute either by taking their cars or using public transportation.

The challenge is for companies to take on this type of work strategy. They must be wise about selecting those eligible for this opportunity and determine whether the employee has the characteristics necessary to be able to telecommute.

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Telecommuting has become more popular in Colombia. According to Colombia Digit.