The mind also needs exercise The mind also needs exercise

The mind also needs exercise

Prevention 7 February, 2019 Ana María López de Mesa

The brain is an organ that must be trained and stimulated to keep it functioning well and to strengthen its mental capacities.

In an article from the psychology journal, Insight, psychologist Ana Boned affirms that “it is important to get mental exercise through stimulating and training your cognitive functions, as this helps slow the development of dementia associated with aging and improves your emotional wellbeing, leaving a positive impact on your quality of life.”

These abilities can be exercised, for example, by doing word searches, crossword puzzles or sudoku; holding conversations, reading, doing math problems, drawing, and remembering past events; or by writing about a subject of your choice.

These practices also work the cognitive functions associated with attention, perception, memory, language, thought processes, intelligence and other processes that are key for a person to perform well in their daily activities.

Weightlifting, walking briskly for 60 minutes twice a week, climbing trees and running barefoot are other practices that can exercise your brain.

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