The mobile devices affect the mobility your thumbs The mobile devices affect the mobility your thumbs

Daily activities, such as writing on a cell-phone, are generating changes in the physical position of these fingers. Take measures and avoid this situation.

Talking about atrophied thumbs and even about the so baptized “iphone tendinitis” became a common issue. An investigation carried out by the Universidad de Malaga, together with two other investigation centers, relates thumb base pain, mainly among young people, with the continuous use of cellular phones.

The above is identified with a generation change related to finger use, resulting from the influence of new technologies, “children do not resort so much to the pliers position of the hand, and they each time write less at school due to the use of tactile screens”, explains Raquel Cantero, a professor in the Physiotherapy Department of the U. de Malaga in Spain, to the Health New Agency, Sinc; a reason why alterations are predicted in hand evolution.

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