The most common sport injuries in women The most common sport injuries in women

Some sport injuries are more frequent among women. Learn about some of them.

Ankle twisting. This joint deviate inside and produces lacerations on the ligaments and, therefore, their inflammation. If this happens, the individual has difficulty supporting her own weight. This is also common among men.

Knee injuries. Irritation beneath the knee-cap and damage on ligaments mainly occur. The damages in the front cruciate ligament, a vital structure for the stability of this joint, are 6 times more common among women because the space it has for displacing is less wide in female knee.

Volar fasciitis. Pain is felt in the heel, with inflammation, and covers the whole feet. It is the result of small lacerations in the support tissues along the feet arch and the heel.


The American Academy of Family Doctors recommends a stretching routine before and after physical activity. It also recommends practicing any sport using suitable equipment and hydrating during exercise, each 20 minutes, more or less.

Take into account

The National Institute of Arthritis and Muscle – Skeletal and Skin Diseases, in the United States of America acknowledges 2 kinds of sport injuries, the acute ones that suddenly occur while exercising, and the chronic ones that appear after practicing a sport activity for a long time.

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