The new way to eat out The new way to eat out

These are some of the measures you must follow if you want to go out to eat during the gradual opening of these establishments.

Eating at a restaurant may seem like a dream after this type of establishment has been closed for 5 months. But now, with the gradual reactivation of different economic sectors, having a meal outside your house may once again be an option for many eager diners.

However, for the reopening of the gastronomic sector, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection defined biosafety protocols that have already been piloted in some cities. In principle, these are some of the rules that must be followed and that you must consider when returning to a restaurant:

  • Firstly, you must always make a reservation for the restaurant you want to go to. The date and time must be confirmed by the restaurant.
  • Groups of no more than 4 people may sit at each table. These tables must ensure a distance of 2 meters between them, and children’s areas will remain closed.
  • Preventative isolation is recommended for those over 70 years old as well as for minors.
  • Menus will not be physical. Restaurants must provide their menu digitally, on screens, posters, on their website, with QR codes, or other means that facilitate distancing.
  • For payment, contactless methods of payment or electronic payment devices, which can later be sanitized, are recommended when possible.
  • Masks may only be removed when sitting at the table. It must be worn, however, when moving around the restaurant or going to the bathroom, for example.
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages will not be permitted initially.

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