The pacifier, a companion for your baby’s wellbeing The pacifier, a companion for your baby’s wellbeing

By nature, small children feel calm when they suck their thumb or hands. A pacifier can be an alternative option to encourage this feeling.

It is normal for small children to have a need to suck after breastfeeding or being fed from their bottle, because it gives them greater peace of mind. However, it is important to know when it is appropriate to give them a pacifier in order to prevent this from becoming a substitute for meals or a convenience mechanism for parents who, on occasion, use it to manage uncontrollable temper tantrums.

The website Healthy Children from the American Academy of Pediatrics offers some advice for choosing and appropriately using a pacifier when raising your baby:

  • Avoid using honey, sugar, or other sweet substances to bribe your child to use the pacifier. It is best not to force them.
  • Pacifiers come in various sizes and shapes, so opt for one that has a base wider than your child’s mouth.
  • Clean the pacifier periodically, boiling it before its next use, as this will prevent your baby from being exposed to infections.
  • The recommended age to stop using a pacifier is between six months and 1 year. Using a pacifier after 2 years of age can cause dental problems.

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