The perfect temperature for sleeping The perfect temperature for sleeping

The temperature of your bedroom at night can be a determining factor to getting replenishing sleep.

In their article on the importance of having the right temperature in your bedroom, the Huffington Post explains how this can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and an irregular night’s sleep.

According to Dr. Christopher Winter, a sleep expert, “While most people do not pay attention to temperature, your bedroom should be between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. Temperatures above 75 degrees and below 54 degrees can disrupt sleep.”

Why is temperature so important?

Your body temperature rises and lowers throughout the day. It is highest in the evening and lowest around 5:00 pm. “We generally fall asleep when our body temperature lowers, which is why a cool bedroom helps us to fall asleep faster,” Winter states.

Similarly, as the Sleep Research Institute of Madrid states on their webpage, before falling asleep, the body needs about an hour and a half to cool down, which creates a greater sleep sensation among normal healthy adults. “These physiological changes occur a long time before falling asleep, even before people realize they are happening.”

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