The recipe for a younger heart The recipe for a younger heart

Many people’s hearts have aged older than their true age. Learning the causes behind this can help protect the health of this organ.

  •   Blood pressure: Set a  goal of monitoring it.
  •   Cholesterol: Lead a healthy diet to keep it under control.
  •   Diabetes: Have a treatment plan to keep it stable.
  •   Tobacco use: Seek help to quit this habit and avoid being a secondhand smoker.
  •   Healthy eating: Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and foods that are low in sodium and trans fats. (Related article: 10 heart healthy foods)
  •   Physical activity: Do 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.
  •   Maintain a healthy weight: With a balanced diet and exercise, achieving this goal is possible.

The causes of an older heart age can be prevented. The following are some examples of the reasons why your health may be most affected:

True age Reason Age of the heart
45-year-old man Smoking

High blood pressure


Unhealthy weight

75 years
50-year-old woman Nonsmoker

High blood pressure



85 years

Source:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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