Be careful with therapy gimmicks for Parkinson’s Be careful with therapy gimmicks for Parkinson’s

There are many treatments that can improve the symptoms of patients who have Parkinson’s and provide them a better quality of life. 

It is important to understand, however, that at this time, there is no treatment that can completely cure the disease.

Gabriel José Arango, a neurologist from Colombia’s National University and a member of the Committee on Parkinson’s Disease at the Colombian Association of Neurology (CAN), affirms, “You have to be very careful about the information that is available online. While you can find very valuable information out there about this condition, you can also find many treatments to “cure it,” natural or chemical-free treatments, or stem cell treatments. These can confuse people and give people false expectations. They can also be gimmicks, which can be a risk to people’s health.”

To prevent this, the specialist recommends the following:

  1. Neurologists are the medical specialists that should be seen for treating Parkinson’s.
  2. When you are being charged for a treatment that makes promises that are impossible to fulfill, such as curing you of the disease, talk to your doctor before agreeing to it.
  3. Legitimate experimental trials require long-term and follow-up treatments.
  4. Do not trust treatments that offer no side effects or other types of problems.
  5. If your therapy is not approved by INVIMA (Colombia’s National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute), be very careful because its registration may not be credible.
  6. Treatment that is used for many different diseases is not reliable.
  7. Be wary when the patient is not assessed prior to treatment being offered.