This is how conscient movements help your body This is how conscient movements help your body

Through sport disciplines and millenarian techniques, it is possible to strengthen the body and the mind.

 Experts from the Mayo Clinic  assure that several investigations demonstrate that practicing conscient movements reduces stress, negative thoughts and even depression. This is achieved through activities such as yoga and martial arts as Taiichi and aikido, which are controlled exercises that imply to concentrate on the torso and on breathing, while specific movements are performed.

Another benefit of this practice is increasing patience, attention and tranquility sensation, because as those processes are repeated, the mind progressively relaxes; other physical benefits are obtained, such a blood pressure decrease.

 Meditate when walking

It is also possible to integrate a habitual walking with the practice of meditation. For this purpose, try to be in quite place, move slowly, focus yourself on the experience you are living, and on the details and emotions resulting.

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