Three tips for yoga beginners Three tips for yoga beginners

This practice will help you decrease your stress levels.

Yoga provides many health benefits such as strengthening the muscles and cardiovascular system as well as balancing the nervous system. Starting this habit might seem difficult, but its practice is primarily based on deep breathing.

Here are some recommendations from the Mayo Clinic on starting this practice the right way.

  • Breathing is the foundation: be conscious of this. Try to gently lengthen each inhalation and exhalation. It is useful to silently count to four as you inhale, and count to four as you exhale.
  • Yoga is in the basics: establish a solid base of movements that you can do easily and strongly. Some basic poses to start with include child’s pose, cat-cow pose, mountain pose, bridge pose, and tree pose. You can find these poses on local or international associations’ websites.
  • Experiment: there are many styles of yoga. Some examples are prenatal yoga, power yoga, and restorative yoga. Research and explore what feels most comfortable for your body. There are also some styles designed for beginners.

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