Time to go back to school? Find out about the recommendations Time to go back to school? Find out about the recommendations

Just as starting to study from home was strange and unusual for many, returning to the classroom will also have its implications in this new normality.

Stress, worry, and uncertainty can be common feelings for parents, students, and teachers. However, it is said that going back to school may be beneficial for everyone’s mental health. The EFE Salud website highlights some key recommendations, with biosafety measures  as the first instance.

  • Maintain biosafety strategies. Understand and explain the new ways of relating, studying, and playing. How to keep the recommended social distancing, wear a mask, wash your hands, use antibacterial, and avoid sharing materials.
  • Establish a study routine. With set times for studying, meals, and where hours of sleep are respected. Designate spaces for the use of technology, but also spaces to take a break from technology and disconnect.
  • Say hello safely. The excitement of seeing friends and colleagues again is understandable, however, it is important to keep your distance and postpone the hugs. One option is to greet each other with your elbow.
  • Talk and understand. This refers to giving guidelines of responsibility so that children and young people comply with the rules on their own. But also, listen to their concerns and feelings, try to convey calmness and stay up to date with health recommendations.

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