Tips for caring for your skin after vacation in the sun Tips for caring for your skin after vacation in the sun

After returning from time in the sun, the skin is one of the organs that suffers most.

Extreme climate changes are some of the factors that most affect this organ of the body. After a trip that involves spending time in the sun, on the beach or at the ocean, for example, the skin experiences significant dehydration it becomes dry, causing it to lose flexibility and freshness.

According to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), to help your skin recover, it is important to start a facial care regime with products that have a non-alkaline pH, toning and moisturizing the skin twice a day. It is important to continue using sunscreen in the mornings, while at night, the recommendation is to apply a nourishing cream.

To renew the body’s skin cells, start with an exfoliation treatment and then apply moisturizing creams with occlusive agents.

Last, leading a healthy diet that includes the recommended portions of fruits and vegetables and that is rich in vitamins and minerals, will also facilitate recovery. Some foods recommended for their moisturizing effects include watermelon, cucumber, coconut water and tomatoes. The AEDV also recommends seeing a specialist to get your skin checked in order to detect spots, bumps or moles that may have appeared during your vacation.

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