Tips for giving baths to your baby Tips for giving baths to your baby

Tips for giving baths to your baby

Keep in mind 24 November, 2016 Isabel Vallejo

Baths calm and soothe babies, they also strengthen the bond between babies and parents.

It is normal for new parents to be afraid of giving their baby a bath at first, or for them to be uncertain about how often to give baths, how long they should be, the right temperature or the type of bath products they can use.

Babies do not need baths the first few days after they are born. Cleaning them with a moist cloth or sponge until the umbilical cord falls off is enough. When it comes time to giving them a bath, each parent can decide how often to do so, but it does not have to be on a daily basis. If the parent does decide to bathe them every day, it is important for special baby soap to be used so as not to irritate their delicate skin.

The tub where you bathe your baby should only be filled to about 5 to 7 centimeters high and it is important for the water to be at body temperature, between about 32 and 36 degrees. Very little soap is needed to clean them, which can be applied with the hands or with the help of a towel. Afterwards, you can add a little baby moisturizing cream.