Tips for overcoming your fears Tips for overcoming your fears

Tips for overcoming your fears

Armony in health 8 August, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

The best way to get over something is to face it. The following seven tips provided by the National Institutes of Health can help you get over your fears:

  1. Admit to your fears: We all know that they exist, so we should accept that we suffer from them. The key is to take actions to begin building confidence in yourself.
  2. Write them down: Writing your fears down makes them more real, therefore making it possible to control them.
  3. Find out their root cause: Identify where they come from and be determined to fight them with patience and support from others, if necessary.
  4. Try not to be embarrassed: This feeling is part of being human, but it should not control our lives.
  5. Question yourself: What is the worst that can happen? Are you scared to start a new profession? What would happen if you changed jobs? It is crucial to assess what the real consequences are without exaggerating. In most situations, we should be able to understand that trying something new will not necessarily result in a negative outcome.
  6. Be bold: The trick to facing your fears is to simply take the plunge. We lose a lot of opportunities to giving in to our fears. Facing them takes practice. Keep trying until it works.
  7. Live in the moment: Choose to not think of the future or the past because all that we have is the present.