Tips for the children to learn how to feed themselves well Tips for the children to learn how to feed themselves well

It is a priority for the parents to educate on nutrition, as they are the ones who will guide their children feeding.

This pedagogical task should start since pregnancy. Starting with pregnant mother’s feeding and feeding habits she will teach her baby. Dr. Sandra Alfaro, a nutritionist attached to Coomeva Prepaid Medicine, gives some recommendations for teaching good feeding habits to children.

  1. Explain the minors the reason why they eat something. Use games in which the five senses are put into practice for acknowledging foods. In this way, awareness will be created about what they consume.
  2. It is basic that the concepts taught are based on the truth. Between 0 and 7 years of age, minors acquire routines that they could well put into practice during their adolescence and later adult age.
  3. Avoid teaching them to eat using manipulation. If bribery is used as a resource, there isn’t a real knowledge. It is useful that kids eat understanding the content in foods and their benefits.

Take into account

Dr. Alfaro advises about the importance of breast feeding as this contains all the nutrients a baby needs for his development.

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