Tips for traveling while pregnant Tips for traveling while pregnant

Tips for traveling while pregnant

For her 7 December, 2016 Ana María López de Mesa

Flying while pregnant does not pose a threat to the baby or to the mother. Certain precautions should be taken however. 
Generally, flying during the first two trimesters of a woman’s pregnancy is not an issue. However, if the mother has had high blood pressure, diabetes or other health issues, she should see her doctor prior to flying.

Restrictions for boarding a plane come into effect after the third semester, specifically after week 28. While some airlines do not allow expecting mothers to travel after this point, due to the risk of a premature birth, most allow them to travel up to week 39.

Keep in mind:

● Avoid any potential problems by taking a doctor’s note with you that authorizes you to travel. “A doctor’s note is generally required after week 30 in order to board a plane. This note should be issued within 10 days prior to your flight,” explains the Almundo travel agency.

● Flying while pregnant slightly increases the risk of developing blood clots and varicose veins. The recommendation is to wear compression socks, which help to improve blood circulation. Wear comfortable shoes and try to move about the cabin in order to avoid sitting for too long.

● Research what vaccines you need to prevent getting an infectious disease when traveling to locations where serious diseases are common. Talk with your physician about the potential risks of such a disease and about risks related to vaccine itself.